Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Party on a Budget after a Holiday - like Christmas

      It's hard to throw a child's birthday party directly after Christmas. It's easier to simply say, "sorry hon, because of the economy we don't have any money so no parties this year."   See, I could barely afford to get Christmas presents and (basically I had to "rob Peter to pay Paul"). 
     We had just moved across the country starting all over from scratch; along with trying to set up a business;  I decided to homeschool until I figured out if I want to put my children in a private school or even if I had the money for a one.  Mid-year I ended up putting them in a charter school; 
since my children were new students at the school I decided to throw my 'soon to be eleven year old' a party so she could make new friends.
       I couldn't say let's have a barbecue or have a sleep over and order pizza; my daughter just started school and we didn't know her classmates "like that" yet; and plus, remember I didn't have much money.  How do you make a good impression while making sure your tween made new friends?
      Even when  planning a home birthday party it is best to have an outline/plan as to how things are going to run even if you have a mental note -you should jot things down so at the least you can stay on budget.  All I had was a little over $50 bucks.
      As I've learned, first you should start planning using the 8As.   Attire, Accessories, Anticipation, Arrival, Atmosphere, Appetite, Amusement and Appreciation.  
     Attire is decided once the theme, date and time of day is decided.
I decided that my theme would be food, so my title was, Food Feast.  The date was in January right after school started back up after the holidays, a week after my daughter's birthday. The time was
4:00 pm- 6:00 pm dinner time.   I decided dress down would be appropriate since my daughter's friends would be making everything "food". 
    Accessories is the details that complete a style. This can be the accessories added with what is worn or can be what is used to complement the party.  In my case, since it was a children's party,  I went to buy accessories to make my home look like food heaven....without spending a lot of money- and also used what I already had at my house.
    Anticipation is when the word gets out letting everyone know that a party is planned- this creates excitement.  I did this by provided invitations for my daughter to take to her friends at school.  Upon arrive of the guest- they would see the setup.  Signs over cooking stations. Chefs corner, meet a greet, etc.
    Arrival the logistics and first impressions.  So how were my guests going to my house?  Their parents.  I gave my home address and contact information in the invitation so it was known that arrangements needed to be made in order to come to my house.  Once the guests came to the house, I wanted to make sure the house smelled like food at a carnival and looked like fun yet clean.  There was popcorn popping and balloons every where.
   Atmosphere is everything that surrounds the guests. Sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing.  Everything that was setup was meant to engage the guests; the colorful balloons hanging around the house,  the popcorn popping, guests being able to make the food, guests drinking the sprite, ice cream, and punch mix, and the music box (radio) that my daughter insisted be brought out so everyone could dance-and lastly the laughter that can be heard while children were dancing around the house.
   Appetite is the menu and trying to satisfy most of the guests appetites.  I choose kid friendly foods.The kids where able to make four different kinds of pizzas from scratch,  tacos (that we didn't have time to make) cupcakes and drinks the way they wanted.
   Amusement is finding ways for the guests to have a good time, the entertainment.  Because this birthday party was a food feast, most of the guests' entertainment was the preparation of drink or food; if guests were not participating, they were conversing while listening to music, later the singing of "Happy Birthday" and the opening of the birthday gifts.
   Appreciation is just that.  How areyou going to show your appreciation or thanks for guests attending your event and in this case thanks for the birthday gifts as well; this is shown by thank you cards, small favors or an act of kindness (example - a donation).   I gave candy bags and told the families thank you for coming as they left. 
      - Total Cost:  $48

Invitations       $1.00
Balloons (2)    $2.00
Pizza kit (2)    $6.00  (2 pizzas per box)
Toppings         $6.00
Cup Cake mix $3.00
Ice cream         $3.00
Hug Juices       $6.00
Soda (2)           $2.00
Popcorn           $2.00
Cookies           $4.00
Chips               $5.00
Candies           $6.00
Bags                $1.00
cups                 $1.00
    Afterwards- the birthday was a success. 

If you would like more information on party planning on a budget you can contact

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

THW Events and Arrangements is Back!

THW Events and Arrangements is Back!

by Tracy Walker on 04/04/14
It's been a while -and we're back.  We have moved from Virginia to Arizona.
Why did we make this move?  Well lets just say the economy and a daughter at Arizona State....and leave it a that.  

We have made some great changes, so look throughout the website;  we are still event planning but doing it better!  We have new products offerings; invitations and an expanded gift section, as well as a place you can get  flowers wholesale.
Our products are available all across the US and most other countries.

 Our re-grand opening will be July 1, 2014; 2 years to the day we opened.
Everyone who visits the website in July will receive 20% off of most products and new event service contracts will receive 30% off plus a free copy of "Setting Your Wedding to Music" CD (while supplies last).

Come back again for updates!  I will try to use this blog as an event resource.

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